whats the future for JOBS , EDUCATION and Infrastructure in INDIA

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Dear Prime Minister, we all Citizens of India have elected u as a Prime Minister to majorly look into the area of JOBS, Education and Infrastructure of the country. 

These long 4 yrs, we have got some glimpse on theses areas, but we are interested to know more about the it. We are currently listening from You & Your Party people only comparing with The last Government, at present, it has no relevance about the last governance. 

we request You specially to concentrate for the JOBS for youngsters, so that the youngster who had completed their education, start earning & for them & Their family.

Education for Children:-  Today the education cost for a single kid is too high. many schools charge huge fees for educating the children. Many Politicians & Rich celebrities have constructed schools for only to earn Money. Government schools had not become better till now. 

Suggestions:- People working with Government sectors, Their kids & siblings should only study in Government. Contractors & Businessmen, who have government contracts, their kids & siblings should only study in Government schools. This will allow the Government Schools will become better in education & other facilities. 

Infrastructure:- After 70 years of Independence, we are still struggling to get Good roads in cities  & villages. Policies for Infra Projects should be simple 7 access to all. Majorly if Roads are made, Drainage are not. during raining seasons, water doesn't drain off the road, it creates pit holes & road get damages in few days. where as road contracts should be tendered with drainage system, and water should be drained off the roads during any rain or excess water. New constructed Roads should have a min 5 years of life, else the approving authority has to sacked & fines. as he had not done the correct job. 

this will impact ;- reduction in corruption for passing the contract & the educated and experienced authority  will come on the authority position. 

we expect relevant action from the about notes.