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Apart from academics, there is a great  burden on students known as school bag. According to Dr. Zubeir Patel, the weight of schoolbag shouldn't exceed 1/10th of the student's body weight including all other articles such as tiffin box and water bottle but the trend seems to be about 1/3 to 1/4 of their weight. Some health institutions claim that the load has led to the birth of many musculoskeletal problems to spine-related problems.

In easy words, a heavily-loaded school bags puts the overall child's growth at risk.

One of the best solution to this problem include promotion of e-learning, a learning system based on formalised learning with the help of electronic resources. Since, the technology is furthering day-by-day, it can be a great success to this problem if the teaching system is based on e-learning.

Secondly, schools should facilitate issuing two sets of textbook at an affordable price so that the students just need to carry exercise books since same set of books is present within the school and at the homes.

Thirdly, the total number of periods in schools should be decreased to such an extent that the subjects to be taught on a particular day is lessened and the students remain focussed the day long.

May we stand in unity against this growing trend all over the globe.

Victim of the above mentioned trend