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Safety While Driving - Ban on High Beam Lights in Towns and Cities

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We are all aware of the strain on the eyes that is caused by High Beam lights, be it a 2 Wheeler or a car, van, bus or lorry.

But that is the least of the problems. The more important reason that we need to find a solution to this issue is that very many precious lives are being lost to accidents primarily happening due the blindness created by these over powerful lights.

Another cause of concern is that we Indians are slowly but surely  turning a race of people who have tremendous brains but do not know how to use them.

We have hearts bereft of any feelings whatsoever leave alone love for our fellow countrymen.

We have eyes that are unable to see our own pains and stress caused by the callous attitude of driving on HIGH BEAMS only.  To add insult to injury the driving on high beam and not dipping the light is justified by saying he won't do it so why should I?

We have the best of minds but we are under great stress and test on how  to use them for the good of all concerned since we seem to have altogether forgotten to think good for others. 

This malady of driving on high beam only has reached a level whereby it can be classified as a plague also. Unless we do something concrete to curb this malevolent practice we all may end up either blind or dead much before our time.

In my humble opinion, taking in mind the attitude of we Indians to obey rules only when there is a fear of being punished (financially), the remedy for the reversal of this habit may require something much more than mere legislation. We may have to unleash an anarchy of sorts (at least the fear of it) that anyone can demand and collect a fine of say  Rs. 100 or maybe even a greater amount if he/she spots someone driving on high beam in the city/town limits. No questions asked. If ten people see it the fine may have to be paid 10 times also. Only such a fear of losing lots of money is going to be able to cure the callous ones.

Please SIGN and share this petition with all your near and dear ones including all your friends and relatives.

My PRANAMS to each and everyone who is still able to think for the society and fellow brethren.

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