Rescheduling CBSE Class 12 Boards 2018 Date Sheet

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CBSE has hit hard with its date sheet this year. The date sheet was to be out in the end of December or the first week of January. Students all over India were getting anxious as they had to manage their studies accordingly. CBSE officials kept assuring that proper gaps will be given for all subjects. The schedule for Class 12 exams is simply impossible, especially for those in the Humanities stream. There is one month gap between the first exam of English (5th March 2018) and the second exam (for most of the students) Psychology.

The date sheet (considering the major subjects opted by Humanities students) roughly comes out to be:

5th March- English, 5th April- Psychology, 6th April- Political Science, 9th April- Physical Education, 10th April- Sociology. Apart from these subjects, another major Humanities subject, that is, Legal Studies is scheduled for 7th April.

Students won't be able to score well unless they have at least 2 to 3 days of revision. For example a student appearing for Psychology and Political Science can't revise 18 chapters of Political Science or even flip through the pages and appear for it the very next day after Psychology. Moreover Humanities is a field for which admissions are solely based on the marks secured in board examinations, and considering the high cut offs of the reputed colleges, their future is at stake. I agree that some students will have a comfortable date sheet as Humanities covers a lot of subjects but majority of the students will face difficulties in securing good marks, especially those with the subjects mentioned above.

Even Science students are facing similar issues with the English exam on 5th March followed by Physics exam on 7th March. Moreover JEE Main is supposed to be held from 8th April to 16th April, while Physical Education exam is on 9th April.

It is our humble request that the date sheet be reconsidered for the sake of the future of our children who are the future of the nation.