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NET Exam - Traditional Sanskrit

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UGC NET exam has 3 papers - First being Aptitude test, Second paper consists of 50 questions from all subjects in Sanskrit and Third paper also contains 75 questions from all Subjects in Sanskrit. I would like to bring it to your notice that Sanskrit is a language and it has all the subjects. There are 14 traditional subjects (१.फलितज्यौतिषम्- Astrology; २.सिद्धान्तज्यौतिषम्- Astronomy; ३.नव्यव्याकरणम्/व्याकरणम्- Grammar; ४.मीमांसादर्शनम्- Elevation through the Performance of Yagnas and rituals in Vedas; ५.नव्यन्यायदर्शनम्- The Philosophy of Logic and Reasoning; ६.सांख्ययोगौ- Sankhya - Reality being Dual philosophy, Yoga - Self-Discipline for Self-Realization; ७.तुलनात्मकं दर्शनम्- Comparative Study on all Schools of thoughts and Philosophies; ८.शुक्लयजुर्वेदः- Shukla Yajurveda ९.माध्ववेदान्तः- Dwaita Dualism School of Vedanta Philosophy; १०.धर्मशास्त्रम्- Laws about duties and morals; ११.साहित्यम्- Literature; १२.पुराणेतिहासौ- Puranas and History; १३.आगमः- A collection of Scriptures of several Devotional Schools; १४.अद्वैतवेदान्तः-Advaita Nondualism School of Vedanta Philosophy) included in the NET Exam and they are all totally different subjects. Each student learns only one subject, but has to attempt all subjects to qualify the examination. In the old pattern of NET exam, the third paper was descriptive and had only one subject which the candidate had specialized in. But now, all the subjects given as choices in paper 3 have become compulsory. A student can never specialize in all the subjects in a life time, which is expected in the present NET Examination. Hence qualifying NET Exam in Traditional Sanskrit is sheer luck and through wild guesses. Yoga alone now has a separate examination code, thus benefiting the students of Yoga, one of the subjects under traditional Sanskrit subjects. It is requested to give a choice of subject (among the 14 subjects) atleast in the Paper 3 and the candidates may be given a chance to prove their knowledge in the subject they have studied. This will improve the quality of the Professors.

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