We demand More testing for Covid19 before it is too late 。

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In the policy of testing only symptomatic travellers ,we are losing a chance to quarantine those who are not showing symptoms and are carriers  and spread disease to community .South Korea ,Taiwan and Singapore success stories of dealing with Covid Epidemic have shown that testing all asymptomatic suspects  and symptomatic non suspects is important .India is not testing enough .Those who are not tested are spreading the disease. .Even WHO is recommending more testing for Corona .So plz extend the testing to all asymptomatic suspects .We can do more quarantines only if we test more .We can assess community spread only if test symptomatic individuals and asymptomatic travellers ,and not just symptomatic travellers from few countries . .Extend testing to all frontline healthcare workers and essential service givers as well .Only when we know real numbers ,we can prevent the catastrophe that awaits us .So test before it is too late.