Indigo Goondagardi to STOP

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The horrible unpardonable behaviour of Indigo staff with the passenger at Delhi airport. All have seen rhe video.

1) The Civil Aviation Minister to resign immediately.

2) FIR against Indigo and the 2 Goondas.

3) The 2 Goondas to be arrested. Indigo Chairman to be arrested.

4) The poor boy who shot the video (whistle blower) to be re-instated with adequate compensation.

5) Indigo flying  License to be suspended till completion of enquiry-case.

6) The passenger who was beaten up to receive big big compensation.

7) Indigo to apologize to all Indians-Citizens. Apology in print and electronic media.

8) Finally a no-nonsense strong message as even private airports like GVK Mumbai staff also behaving like Goondas.