Protect Our Data.India Must Stop Foreign Companies from Cannibalising its Start-ups

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Companies like Google,Amazon, Facebook can practically monitor all Indian citizens and influence their social and political preferences..At the same time crush competitive business.

Through our smartphones and their applications,Apple ,Google and Whatsapp track our movements and habits ,know who we speak to and what we say.When we do web searches and watch YouTube videos we tell them our thoughts and preferences.These companies collect all these data and sell ads to us.That's how they make billions.

And by doing so they are destroying every other competitors (Indian companies who don't have large funds like these silicon valley giants).These start-ups can't compete and gets thrown under the bus.Recently Google was fined for discriminatory search operation with 136 Crore but its not even a slap on the face. 

Let's all urge Honerable Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bring in legislations that protect these Indian start-ups.

Not only should the data used by us stay in India ,the legislation has to ensure that all data,on all Indian residents are owned by them and used only with their knowledge and permission.For this we need to bring in a legislation stronger than Europe's Data Protection Regulation.

We the people of India together with the support of the strong and active government can achieve this.India doesn't have to lose this battle to the modern-day East India Companies.

Make in India by the Indians.Sign the petition.Let our voices and concern be heard.