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I am safe. Am I safe?

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Am I safe? Am I free? Am I Independent?

All these questions remain unanswered. But the truth is that I can never be safe in this country of mine if those sadists do not get the punishment they deserve! Raping women and girls has become a common feature of the Indian society, hasn't it? And is it something we should be proud of? The amount of pain and mental harassment a woman goes through as a result of the consequences of a rape is indescribable. 

It is a body for God's sake! How can you expect a 10 year old, or for that matter, even a 40 year old woman to experience this kind of an unbearable pain ?! It is a human body! A living being! How can you let someone take this amount of pain! There's no wrong in calling you a sadist. There's no wrong in saying that you are inhumane! 

A woman should be respected just like anyone else! This stupid male chauvinism has to end! The norms and taboos of this society have to be broken! Enough is enough! How long am I supposed or rather expected to live in this kind of a society where there is 0 respect for me? Where to come and say anything to my face and I am expected to stand still and not say anything just for the fear they might harass me ???

This has to change. This short mindedness has to change! I can wear a bikini and roam around in the streets of any city and still no one should have the guts to say anything to my face (chuna toh door ki baat hai). No! No, you can not blame me or my clothes for these stupid rapes. It is men who are at fault! They should be able to have control of their feelings! We as women do not go around raping hot or handsome men just for the excuse that we can not control ourselves or our feelings and that they lured us!

My dad is a highly respected officer of the Indian army, and so are my Grandfather and uncle. Did they serve this country to see this day? This day, where our daughters and sisters and wives are not safe? Is this the country they took bullets for? It is heartbreaking and extremely terrible that we as Indians or rather humans have to see this day where fellow men are torturing women for the sake of their own feelings and weaknesses! Our body is not something to be used!

We believe in equality! And equality is Feminism! And as far as feminism is concerned, it stands for equality of the two genders. It is the radical belief that women's safety is more important than men's feelings. The rapists should not be forgiven with just a mere 10 years of imprisonment or even life imprisonment for that matter! They should be tortured to death! Then only they will be able to experience some 60 to 70% of the pain we as women experience!

It's us who have to change the perception of the way we look at ourselves and the society. Apne aap haat pe haat dhare bethe rehne se kuch nahi hoga! Ye ek jung h! Aur ab jo ye jung chir hi gyi piche hatne ka matlab nahi!

Jai Hind!

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