Help future drs and improve patient services. We need a permanent director. #AIIMSBhopal

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AIIMS Bhopal was set up In 2012 to be one of the premier institutes of Health and medical education in India. It hosts some of the best minds of the country who have cleared their PMTs with the silver lining at the end of the rainbow which was a swashbuckling graduation course in one of the AIIMS. But what the initial batches faced were a regime of instability. Although the faculty were often top notch, other services and facilities were often denied to them because of the lack of stability seen due to the absence of a permanent director here. The government is all set upon starting a total of 20 new AIIMS and have started working on the same. Bit the question we should raise is that, shouldn't the 6 new AIIMS which were started in 2012 be polished and worked upon to bring out the jewels in them first, before shifting attention to new targets? Let me appraise you of the situation here at AIIMS Bhopal.

AIIMS Bhopal has lacked a Permanent director since the last 3 Years and this affects not only the students, the Doctors( RDA supports our need for a permanent Director) and also the tax paying patients who are often denied the low cost high quality services they deserve from an institute carrying the name of AIIMS.

The students of AIIMS Bhopal have been conducting a strike for the previous 6 days. We have been holding peaceful protests in campus with the sole purpose of "Appointment of a permanent director" whoever that may be. This is in fact not a hastily taken media stunt.This was a decision taken by the multitude of students after pondering about how to tackle the problems in AIIMS Bhopal. We were further convinced of our motive when we found out that even the Senior Residents of our hospital were affected by the absence of a permanent director leading to piling up of files.Although shortlisting of the candidates have been done some time back according the Honb MP Mr ALok Sanjar.
AIIMS Bhopal has been headed by a Director in charge Dr NItin Nagarkar for the past 3 years who holds the dual charge of both AIIMS Bhopal and AIIMS Raipur. Though he does an admirable job with the little time he has in our institute, a lot of things get put on hold when the director is not in attendance.. So in view of this objective, indefinite peaceful protest have been declared by the students until and only when a permanent director has been appointed.

The first 2 days have been all day protests where the students did not attend classes in the entirety. We were contacted by the JS( PMSSY) during the same when we were told that he is not the person in authority to meet our demand and that he would put in a word for us to the concerned authority regarding the same. On the 2nd day, we acceded to the demand of the college authorities to put off our protest during academic hours in view of the academic issues faced by the students, wherein we we gave in writng that the strike will be called off with immediate effect if the JS( Cabinet) or someone above him in the hierarchy would address us with a date for appointment. Now we are waiting for a reply from the same but by only keeping pressure on them through marches and online social media campaigns,
Our senior and Ex President Sant Guru Prasad has taken it upon himself to seek deliverance for all of us by deciding to travel from bhopal to delhi( a distance if 800 km)in protest by FOOT. He and his friends have already marched about a 100km by foot in the scorching sun of Central India with temperatures around 42 degree celsius for the same. So, we would really appreciate it if you could take a look at our demand and help us acheive what is the basic right and need of the institute and well as the citizens of Central India.