Hang him. Get him off our streets. India will not harbour demons.

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He's a rapist and a murderer.

Everybody knows what's that scum has done. Why is he still alive? 

By this juvenile logic, would you let off 'juveniles' who bomb cities and villages?

Law does not apply to 'juveniles' no matter how barbaric their crime is? Being a juvenile merits Presidential pardon?

If so, how do we protect ourselves from these 'juveniles'?

Aren't we all supposed to be equal in front of Law? If 'juveniles' cannot abide by the law, they are free to settle anywhere else and leave us in peace.

We will not tolerate a 'juvenile' who will enter into our lives and slaughter everyone we protect and look on as he/she will be offered security and protection.

Because that way, the Judicial System would have failed us.

Death is the only deterrent. You can make death 'gentler' for juveniles, but it has to be death.