Castration and capital punishment for all rapists

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We since the nirbhaya case are protesting how many girls are raped each day we had jyoti in simla, rohtak case where the girls esophagus was pulled out to the young three year girl who had needles inserted to the girl 10 year old raped pregnant and two uncles responsible in Chandigarh, to the young girl raped in a park on independence day to a 8 month baby raped by cousin I have collected about rape each day since January in HINDUSTAN TIMES AND TOI...more than 30 gruesome rapes and gang rapes ...reported in North India Haryana Chandigarh Himachal and Punjab...imagine all over India and so many go unreported
Rapists include fathers uncle brothers hospital male attendants police personal teachers principal...
So many cases go unreported girls are gagged beaten nails removed private parts burned acid thrown bones broken and so many things inserted like bottles sticks rods and even needles
These perverted men juveniles or older need to be given strict punishment castration with public flogging and their cries of pain should be heard by each potential rapist talk of their human rights ...when they have gruesomely killed.once case is dragged evidence is tampered and many we see fathers uncles cousins left due to social pressure the victim turns hostile and in case e the rapist is a high ranking official police then evidence is tampered
If in nirbhaya case after a national outrage happened if the juvenile and others were castrated publicly flogged and hanged no new case would have happened .why is the government quiet and not taking strict measures and forcing people to take measures in their own hands. little asifa killed in a gruesome manner in a temple she was raped and the police and local party workers instead of protecting become inhumane and rape her and protect rapist national outrage is pouring in..let her life not go waste change laws to give dignity to her death
NO MERCY BE SHOWN track court for rape molestation and acid attack victim
Guilty castrated and Publically shamed and flogged
And capital punishment
STOP IT RIGHT NOW ...this inhumane barbarism and set a example of fear in the criminals that they remember what happened to the rapists and it acts as a deterrent
Chief justice of India dipak mishra
Minister of law and justice ravi shankar prasad
Minister of women and child development meneka gandhi
Minister of social justice and empowerment thewar chand gehdot

Petition by Sharmita bhinder Chandigarh works for children and women rights