Bring In Army For Saving Mumbai

Bring In Army For Saving Mumbai

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Ashish Mehta started this petition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Maharashtra, such a large and an important State, is in shambles presently
Mumbai, the Commercial Nerve of India, has the highest infections and that too when -

Religious Places
Public Gatherings
Government Offices
Restaurants & Bars

All Are Shut !!!

Mumbai Tally somewhere 8500 and people from Medical field off record say that number is atleast 3 times more, obviously for confidentially reasons, they do not wish to come on record

And what does the State Machinery decide -
Open Up Wine Shops

Ridiculous And How ??

Enforcement of Lockdown Orders has gone for a toss, as after their coalition priorities have changed

There have been tens of brazen violations, on account of which the State Government on its own should have atleast deployed the State Reserve Police Force, for stricter enforcement but again, lack of determinitive political will, nothing has been done

Already the State has lost 1000s of crores of Revenue and also various future possible opportunities, still the State is almost sitting like a lame duck

Center should have intervened long back, as it cannot let Mumbai, which is the Financial Capital of India, bleed to death and invoked its powers under Section 35(2)(f) of the DM Act and on its own accord should have deployed Armed Forces and I am at loss, for what's stopping the Central Leadership

I request all Mumbaikars to circulate this request to the Central Government for deploying Armed Forces in Mumbai on immediate basis, till it reaches the Hon'ble PM and HM

A direct intervention by them is of utmost importance and it cannot and should be left to the State Leadership, before it's too late and Mumbai dies a slow death, which it certainly does not deserve

Mumbaikars are not helpless and if needed option of approaching the Hon'ble SC/HC should also be explored in this regard

Let Armed Forces be deployed for an initial period of 30 days, enforce strict implementation and review it post 30 days

The COVID-19 curve is fattening and not flattening in Mumbai - pls understand the situation

A Sort Of Helpless Mumbaikar !!!!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!