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Automating all Toll tax booths across India

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Everyday we wait in long never-ending queues on the roads and highways only to pay toll tax. The problem is so much bigger than just being a wastage of time for people. Millions of vehicles across the country burn an enormous amount of fuel only waiting to pay the toll tax. Not only does this create huge traffic jams, this create numerous other big problems such as air pollution, waste astonishing amount of non-renewable resources, ceasing movement of emergency vehicles among others. In fact, every other day, we hear news of someone being shot on the toll plaza just for asking toll, which is really saddening. 

So, I urge the Prime Minister of our country, Shri Narendra Modi, to automate all the toll booths across the nation and make them tagged booths just like in foreign countries, where one just passes through a booth and toll is charged. There can be numerous ways for charging toll automatically like linking vehicles to their owners' Aadhaar number and charging on them, or, PAN number and collecting it along with Income Tax at the end of year. 

Eventually, we will have to move towards automation only so why not do it proactively. This will also be a boost to an already ongoing program such as Digital India as it will cut cash transactions on booths.

All in all, I do not see any hurdle in implementing this idea. Yes, there will be investment in the infrastructure, but looking at the benefits of this, I am certain that the investment is well worth it.



Anuj Kant

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