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Abolish the FUP Policy, We need at least 2Mbps

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BSNL claimed that it will increase its minimum speed from 512kbps to 2Mbps but i woke up today to realize it was only upto 1gb data. Please sign this petition for a good speed. For making this change We Need You, Please share this as much as possible. Use #IncreaseBSNLSpeed


Please Abolish the Crappy Fair usage Policy (FUP)

Do you know India : 2nd Largest Internet Using Economy in the World ... But Still............. ??????
we Indians dont get the proper Internet Services we pay for ????

TRAI has not set any policies to Indian Isp`s About Fair Usage Policy

These companies Enjoy the benfit of That and dont care about the bandwith and quality which they provice us

FUP: It is a kind of policy by ISP`s to limit the intenet usage
which the apply to all 3G,2G and even Broadband ..
companies falsely advertise their plans as Unlmited
which eventually is not (these guys) slow down the internet to such a level after usage of Few GB`s which is not acceptable and usable
you cant even browse properly at a 512kbps speed ...
then for WTF comapnies Advertise their plans as unlimited when the limit down the speeds so ridiculosly

for instance i use BSNL 999 Broadband Plan in which i just get mere 8GB of usgae till 4mbps(which i neverr got) : poor quality nad frequent connection drops
and after 8 GB the Broadband internet slows down to 512 kbps ( downloading :52kbps)
at this speed you cant even browse the Internet properly
cant watch a youtube video at lowest quality (240p) without buffering

i request you guys to sign the petition so that TRAI impose a strict rule Against FUP and if they want to continoue FUP
please upgrade the Post Fup speeds to Atlease 2mbps

for instance in Srilanka and pakistan 4mbps is the base Broadband speed for them even with so low population these countries are managing so well with their internet

In western countries people get Minimum of 5mbps truly unlimited (NO FUP) for mere 15$
and goes upto 100 mbps for just 50$ (3000 INR)
for same price we get in india is low quality BSNL 10 mbps tilll 40 gb and then 512 kbps
we indians pay so much for our data but stilol we get the worst quality and bandwith as compared to other countries
who offer good qaulity at resonable prices without these crappy policies ( If they use the FUP limit is very high say 200 GB or up)

TRAI please take action against this petetion
we need proper internet with good speeds

we are the 2nd largest internet user in the world
even govt.companies like
BSNL uses such type of Policies then
eventually Private ISP`s will also follow the same

i hope this Problem of FUP may get resolved soon



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