MPs should be charged with fine when Parliament disrupts because of their malfeasance

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When the Bofors scandal rocked the country in the late '80s, the Opposition boycotted both the Houses for about 45 Days.
When the Tehelka tapes brought into the open the rot within the BJP-led NDA government, Sonia Gandhi, who was the leader of the Opposition, demanded a JPC probe. The NDA was adamant about not getting this done and Parliament was subsequently stalled.
The logjam in Parliament over issues like 2G scam and other corruption scandals and now for Demonetization has not only hurt the taxpayers but also also stalled the legislative business of the house.

                      Behave Yourself, India. The Youth are Watching

In one year, Parliament runs for eighty days during sessions. Each day, business in both Houses is conducted for around six hours. If we take into account the total annual expenditure on Parliament, then each minute of running the House costs Rs 2.5 lakh," This has caused a loss of crores to the state exchequer.
I am filing this PIL to remind them (Members of Parliament) that Parliament is a place for discussion not for disruption. So that they can behave like matured man not like savage.