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In India all services get better salary compared to teachers, lecturers and professors. An individual studying from IIT and later from IIM may get a salary of one lakh per month; where as a teacher in a school or college gets peanuts as a salary. Are we trying to discourage peole from going into Academic line or we are trynig to make a society that degrades or discourages the teaching profession ? It is infact the most important job when it concerns a society well built. When we say well built it means it is constituted of peole with extremely strong value ststem, strong character with strong human values. Are we serious about this whole phenomenon of teaching and learning ? When will the time come when teachers will be HIGHEST paid and why not ? they are the peole who lay the foundation for a society and country by guiding, teaching, showing the path, building courage in the new generations year after year. Its an unending, ever tiring thankless job. Affluent peple consider teachers as lowly paid servants who must teach their offspring probably everything under the sun, starting from concepts to values to mannerisms etc etc. Now the point is if teachers cannot get the same level of recognition and admiration, who is responsible for that ? The pay scale of a teacher is what must be looked into to let this profession become the best in the world because there is no derth of intellect in our country.

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