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Implement the - Fast Track Online Voter Registration Facility

Highlights of this Proposal –

Change That will be Achieved:    

1. You can Easily Register as Voter by Applying Online in Just 10 Minutes.

2. You will get your Voter Id Card  in Just 4 Days.

Goal: Bring Good Governance in India. Ensure that only Honest & Capable Leaders are elected to Indian Parliament (Lok Sabha).


Action to be Taken: Implement the New Fast Track Online Voter Registration System in all Indian Cities with population greater than 1 million. Thus it will cover our largest 54 Cities having a combined population of 16.22 crores.

Impact: 100% Voter Registration will be achieved in the 70-100 Lok Sabha seats represented by these cities. 


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Today India is changing rapidly. Especially in the cities a majority of the people are educated and aware citizens. If All of them vote then they will Elect Honest & Capable leaders who follow progressive policies. This will help India to progress rapidly and become a strong and prosperous country.

Unfortunately Most of the Educated people are Not able to Vote because it is so Difficult to Register as Voters. Skilled and educated people often leave their birth place and shift to new city/town for work or education. We have observed that only 10-15% of people register in their new place of work or education.


The root cause behind this problem is our Complicated and Inefficient Voter Registration System.


For the past 2 years, I and my fellow volunteers have worked passionately to help people in Pune city to register as voters. We have helped 95,000 Pune citizens to register as voters. Using the knowledge/expertise that we gained from working hard on this initiative, we have developed the design of a new improved Voter Registration System. It resolves all the issues in the present system.


Benefits of the proposed Fast Track Online Voter Registration System:


1. Name added to Voter List in just 4 days. (In current system it can take 1 year)

2. Apply Online via internet in just 10 minutes. (In current system you need to spend 2-3 days as it requires multiple trips to Govt office)

3. Regular Notification provided to applicant after each stage of processing via Email and SMS. (Currently no facility exists to check status of application)


4. 100% of the eligible applicants get name added in Voter List and the Voter ID cards. (In current system only 60% applicants get name added to Voter List. Only 15% get Voter Id Card)

5. All Voter Id Cards will have 100% Correct Details (e.g. name, address, age etc)(In current system, the Voter ID Cards are full of mistakes)

6. Single Application to get name added in General, Graduate and Teacher Constituency. (In current system, 3 separate Applications need to be submitted)


7. Easy to identify & Remove Bogus Voters (Large number of bogus voters are present in current voter list)

8. Helps to Stop Wrongful Deletion of Genuine voters from voter list. (Currently names of Lakhs of Genuine Voters get deleted without following the due process)


9. It will allow us to ensure 100% voter registration and allow us to implement Compulsory Voting. (Currently only around 15% of educated citizens register as voters in the city/town where they actually work/study. Their name might be present in voter list of their birth place, which is far off. Hence they are NOT able to Vote)

10. This Proposal can be implemented at Zero Cost by utilizing it to provide Unified KYC (know your customer) facility to banks.


Please find full details about our Proposal in PPT in below link

Sir, we request you to implement this proposal on priority so that in our future elections, all Indians are able to vote and the finest candidates are elected to lead our nation.

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