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Massive and immediate river rejuvenation

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Over the years, I have come across many people raising their voice for environmental and ecological conservation. Apart from empathizing and appreciating them, I never took any significant effort or action to contribute to the noble cause. However today was different! When I come across a particular article detailing the disastrous rate at which Indian rivers are being depleted, I was shell-shocked. At this juncture, I resolved to take some definite initiative to protect Mother Nature.

River water conservation and regeneration is the need of the hour and key to the sustenance of our future generations. Every human bears the basic responsibility to use available resources in a sustainable manner.

Thus, I have decided to take this opportunity and start a petition in support of river water conservation before it is too late. Please find below a few suggested action items for the concerned authorities

  • Create awareness about how we are destroying our rivers today, educate people on its immediate and long term impact
  • Employ 1,00,000 people to plant trees and nurture them for the next ten years and bring an enormous amount of land under green cover. In this way, we will invite the monsoons to be more regular, and can stop the soil erosion. This is a comprehensive solution.
  • Let us not do agriculture on the land for one kilometer along either side of the river banks. For government lands, afforestation needs to be planned and for private lands, horticulture has to be followed. The government can provide education, and subsidize these efforts for three to five years, and help develop a whole new system of high-quality organic horticulture.
  • Our Government has to create river-friendly policies. If each one of us can plant one tree this year, nourish it for two years, and after two years plant one more tree, we will have a phenomenal movement going.

Our wellbeing and the nation’s wellbeing are intimately connected to the wellbeing of our rivers. If we do not act now to reverse the serious decline of these lifelines, the next generation will pay a very heavy price. Please join me in this movement by signing this petition which will be submitted to the honorable Prime Minister of India and the Ministry of Water Resources of India.





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