Should Murderers get the death penalty?

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Should Murderers get the death penalty?

Dogs and other animals are getting put down because they bite or hurt a child or any other person. Why is that not happening with the Murderers in our country? How is that even fair?

If you’re against the death penalty, think about this question "What if someone has done harm to your family?" I'm pretty sure your opinion would change. Everyone has a revengeful side.

So many lives of innocent children, teens and adults are taken away because of these horrible people who have nothing better to do with their own life. Not only do these murderers affect the life of the victims but also the people around them, especially their loved ones. At the moment sentences are minimal for the severity of the crime.

Jail time nowadays isn’t even real punishment anymore. Criminals are being treated with luxury items such as three good meals a day and having access to T.V’s, comfortable lounge rooms and beds.

“Murdering one could kill many”. What I mean by this, is that murdering one person does affect many loved ones around them. This then could cause depression, and as most of us know depression can sometimes lead to death.

I think we should start sentencing these people to the death penalty, as they have taken and ruined other people’s lives and they should experience the same pain and torture as the people they affected.

Thank you for reading my argument, I hope you now agree!

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