Regulate the sale of Infant Formula

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How would you feel if you went to the supermarket to buy food, only to discover all the shelves empty? If you had no way to feed your family? Your young children? How would you feel the reason you had no food was because a black market was buying up all our food sources and selling it overseas, exploiting other desperate families, just to profiteer?

It's hard to believe, but this is currently happening in Australia.... The youngest members of our society are being starved of their only food source because of greedy individuals, buying up infant formula, and selling it online for upwards of 4-5 times the price to countries such as China.

Go into any supermarket, any pharmacy, and the shelves are bare. We are unable to feed our babies, simply so that greedy members of our society can make a tax free income.

We seek to force the Australian Government to take steps to stop this trade. These steps include -

1) Make it illegal to sell Infant Formula UNLESS you have a directly negotiated wholesale contract with an approved Infant Formula manufacture and are a Australian registered company

2) Make it illegal to sell Infant Formula on third party websites, for example, but not limited to; eBay, Gumtree, etc.

3) Enforce all retail sales of Infant Formula to be within a reasonable, and competitive, recommended retail price range, that is determined by the manufacture and the ACCC.

4) Take steps to work with Australian manufacturers and China, to create legal export agreements that ensure parents overseas, currently being exploited by this trade, have access to high quality formula at a reasonable price.

Please sign, share and help us to stop these people in their tracks.