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Demand Royal Commission into innocent Schapelle Corby case. Focus AusGov & AFP corruption.

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We, (supporters of innocent Schapelle Corby & her family),

DEMAND a Royal Commission into Schapelle Corby’s case.

We DEMAND you engage the *AWESOME ethical staff who delivered the findings for the

”Royal Commission Into Institutionalised Responses to Child Sexual Abuse”,

because we TRUST them and sadly we do not trust the Australian Federal Police (AFP) or our Australian Government. 

Similarly to victims and survivors of clerical child sexual abuse, Schapelle also:

1. Had her voice stolen from her.

2. Is innocent but authorities deemed guilty. 

3. The authorities FAILED in their duty of care to one of their citizens. 

4. The powerful destroyed evidence, colluded, misrepresented and lied under a

    “trumped up” convenient EXCUSE of National security.”

5. Innocent Schapelle was SACRIFICED to save their own interests. 

6. Once again, MONEY is the root of all evil.

The terms of reference must include access to information or documents suppressed due to the “bullsh*t cover” of “National Security”.

All parties must be investigated from the former Prime Minister John Howard, AFP, Mick Keelty, SACL, domestic & international airline staff & owners, & anyone who had access to information about “Operation Mocha” - eg: Mark Standen, former Assistant Director of the NSW Crime Commission (currently in prison for smuggling drugs whilst he held this enormously powerful & respected position).

Reminds me of an equivalent position in the Catholic Church - example: Archbishop. 

Mark Standen held this position in Oct 2004 when Schapelle was flying from Australia to Bali to celebrate her sister, Mercedes’, 30th birthday. 

We are not suggesting Mark Standen had any involvement in Schapelle Corby’s case.

We encourage a Royal Commission to investigate all matters & everyone relating to the Corby case, including Mark Standen & missing CCTV.

AFP’s “Operation Mocha” was taking place at Sydney Airport on 08 Oct 2004.

They must investigate the disappearance of the airport’s CCTV.

Who had motive and opportunity to erase it?

What incompetent Australian Federal Police run an undercover operation and fail to investigate the missing tapes?

Further to this, how is it that SACL information is not made public?

Schapelle Corby’s boogie board is the ONLY item out of TOTAL luggage that does not have a corresponding SACL code.

The boogie board failed to go through the 100% MANDATORY security process. 

Australia owes Schapelle and her family the truth and justice. 

* Justice Peter McClellan, Ms Gail Furness SC and team start here:



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