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Demand Julian Assange's Immediate Freedom

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Julian Assange is a great Australian citizen and an internationally leading light as a tireless advocate for honesty in government and public affairs in our troubled times of governments being corrupted by vastly wealthy communist interests. The three main governments involved in unjustly restricting his freedom have done nothing to correct this situation and it's time that the public demanded something be done.

Join me in demanding that our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull immediately begin lobbying actively and publicly for the unprejudiced, unconditional release of Australia’s internationally admired and respected freedom and justice campaigner, lest you or somebody you love also be caught up in the grasp of these evil and corrupt influences.

Malcolm Turnbull must demand that all charges be dropped against Julian Assange forthwith. He must demand that President Donald Trump use any and all means, including Twitter if that’s all that’s left to him, to ask Britain to release Julian Assange. Also Malcolm Turnbull must use all means, public and otherwise to ask Theresa May to apply pressure to Britain’s clearly corrupt judicial system to release Julian Assange.

We know that communist interests dominate the EU. We know that Britain voted itself out of the EU to clear itself from that mess. We know that Sweden trumped up charges against Julian Assange to pander to the corrupt Obama administration. We know that the US can effectively hold anyone it likes indefinitely without charge or explanation once it gets its hands on them.

The questions now are clear. Is Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for or against whistle blowing and public advocacy for human rights? Is President Donald Trump for or against whistle blowing and public advocacy for human rights? Is Prime Minister Theresa May for or against whistle blowing and public advocacy for human rights? Is the British judicial system for or against whistle blowing and public advocacy for human rights?

It’s time for these politicians and judges to stop passing the buck and right a grievous wrong and an insult to the supposedly free peoples of the world. It’s time you demanded it, and here’s your opportunity.

If the world’s leading advocate for honesty in politics, government and international affairs along with the rights of the individual can be held, essentially in custody, for five years without the public rising in indignation against the spurious charges against him, the public, and that means you, deserves to be ruled and abused by the same despots who effectively hold him.

Reject the communist influence that grows daily in your lives and join me in calling for our Prime Minister’s help in demanding Julian Assange’s immediate freedom.


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