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Barnaby Joyce should not be Minister for Agriculture

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

I am petitioning that you undertake a cabinet re-shuffle to provide us with an Agriculture minister who will represent the needs and aspirations of all Australians.

With Barnaby Joyce, we have seen:

• His support for the introduction of Ag Gag laws against Animal Rights groups who have clearly exposed issues in the public interest.

• His refusal to support the greyhound industry who agree with animal right groups that a passport system for the export of greyhounds should be mandatory.

• His inflammatory remarks and grandstanding in respect of killing Johnny Depp’s dogs

* His refusal to look seriously at proposals that would end live cattle exports and actually create more jobs for Australians.

• His attempts to shut down debate by banning comments from his facebook page that criticise his policy responses to animal welfare issues.

It is unrealistic to end the cattle industry. People want to eat meat and the farmers need to protect their livelihoods. But why is this government not having the mercy and compassion to make sure that animals have a more humane and compassionated way to die?

Mahatma Gandhi said a long time ago: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

Is this just a matter that there is no greatness on this nation? Are we having a lack of leaders that can inspire the creation of a better society based on fundamental values as compassion, morality, ethics and respect?

I read your blog on your tribute to your deceased dog and I compare that to comments and attitudes expressed by Mr Joyce and I see a VERY BIG difference.

Leaders shape the destiny and fortune or misfortune of a nation, for this reason it is crucial to have better leaders in the government. I recognize that this government has some moral, talented and professional leaders, but according to Mr. Joyce actions I do not believe that he is part of that group.

I think we can do better - don’t you?

Jorge Rodriguez


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