Appoint Peter Dutton as Australia's Ambassador to the sun and send him there

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"I have been made aware of some incidents that have reported false allegations of sexual assault, because in the end, people have paid money to people smugglers and they want to come to our country. Some people have even gone to the extent of self-harming and people have self-immolated in an effort to get to Australia. Certainly some have made false allegations."

Peter Dutton has once again proved himself not suitable for the role of Minister of Immigration.

This petition has been created to demand that Peter Dutton be sacked from the role of Minister of Immigration and appointed the role of Australian ambassador to the sun.

All ambassadors are required to serve a several year posting in the place that they have been appointed too, Peter Dutton should be no exemption to this rule.

He will be required to be posted to the sun for the same period of time any other ambassador would spend in a country.

Please support those who have been put in Australia's offshore detention centres by signing this petition to send Mr Dutton hurtling towards the sun.

Please also donate to the Save the Children charity who have been doing excellent work in the Nauru detention centre if you can 

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