Allow Australian Citizen's to bring their Family to Safety

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We all hold family dear. Therefore, we appeal to the Australian Government to reflect our concern for family members of Australian citizens in its immigration policy.

Australia is a nation of immigrants who are privileged to share this beautiful land. Many Australian citizens have family members that are exposed to unacceptable levels of risk in other countries. We believe that Australia should provide an opportunity for family members exposed to such level of risk to immigrate to Australia with the support of their family in Australia.

We request the government to investigate the creation of a family visa that is low cost, not subject to age and other barriers and available to family members residing in any country where there is an unacceptably high risk of violence and death. We acknowledge that Australian citizens sponsoring the family visa applications will be required to provide assistance and support. Given the personal safety risks involved, the visa application process should allow for expedited consideration. These people will be the responsibility of their family and not of the state.

We wish to stress the urgency of the matter. Once they are gone, they cannot be saved. Once brutally attacked, they never fully mend.

Enable us to save them before it is too late. Time is of the essence. 

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