Stop expansion of assisted suicide in Canada

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Prime Minister Trudeau has stated that he will move forward on expanding assisted suicide in Canada to include people with long term illnesses, such as M.S. My father has had M.S. for 32 years and has been a source of inspiration to me, since he was diagnosed when I was nine years old. He has been able to know his grandchildren over the years. I have been able to share my own family life with him, visiting him at his long term care residence. He is loved, and cared for, and never would we say he has been a "burden" to us. While it can be said that he does not need to say yes to assisted suicide if that is not what he chooses, I am appealing to the fact that pressure will surround those who are vulnerable. Our society will need to reassure them all the time that they are not a "burden" to us. They will be told assisted suicide is an option and people will opt for it more and more frequently as the years go by. This will erode the care of those who want to persevere through their illness. They will need to fight against pressure. There is already pressure. Please sign if you want to spread the message that those with long term illnesses are not a burden and need to be cared for without pressure of assisted death expansion. Say no to the expansion of assisted death.