Stop Alberta from opting out of the Canada Pension Plan

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Dear Prime Minister:

Premier Jason Kenney has floated the idea of opting out of the Canada Pension Plan, and starting one in Alberta for Albertans. As an older Canadian who has been paying into the CPP all my life, and is almost ready to collect it, I respectfully ask the federal government to refuse to allow Premier Kenney to take over the pension fund.

He has said, "If Quebec can do it, why can't Alberta?" The difference is, Quebec has never been part of the Canada Pension Plan. That province has operated its own since day one. Albertans, on the other hand, have contributed to the CPP, and I, for one am happy with the way it has been run by the federal government.

The last thing I want is for a provincial government that mismanaged its own Heritage Trust Fund and lost billions of dollars, managing my retirement pension. I want the pension to stay where it belongs, and for it to be there when I retire. Someone needs to stand up to Kenney's wild ideas, and protect the average Albertan's best interests.

I am a proud Canadian, as well as an Albertan, and I insist the CPP stays exactly where it is.