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Since 2006, Canada punishes family class sponsors by illegally separating families forever

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The governments of Canada and its provinces, since 2006, have created an ambitious and cruel money extortion scheme against re-victimized sponsors in the family class by unlawful means. The sponsors sign an undertaking for the family member(s) based on a condition that in case of a default*, when the immigrant receives social benefits, the minister may take the sponsor to a court for damages. (*I defaulted in 2000 due to an ex-wife who treated me badly and found a richer man.) The case of Canada (Attorney General) v. Mavi, [2011] 2 SCR 504, 2011 SCC 30 (CanLII) and section 146 of the IRPA (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act) state that a ministerial certificate of debt must exist on file in the Federal Court before a garnishment or punishment. The Crown interprets its s. 145(3) that an uncertified debt claim is a "debt" so the governments demand huge ransoms without such certificate and the involvement of any court. I, Zoltan Andrew Simon, have been forced to live separately from my Chinese wife since 2006. She could not get any visa, so we are exposing the scheme at on the Internet. Maybe hundreds or thousands of similar victims exist in Canada, with families broken by the government's money extortion scheme. Please ask P.M. Trudeau to stop such cruel treatment of our families that violates s. 12 of the Charter. The Liberal ministers should not follow Mr. Harper's policy aiming to reduce immigration and the number of qualified sponsors. Our governments should not give privileges for criminals to get in Canada while blocking the entry of good immigrants and prevent the re-unification of hard working innocent families by unlawful means. In 2016, after a decade of good marriage, my wife was told that she had married me in bad faith to enjoy the privileges in Canada, that she was 13 years younger than me and belonged to a different culture so we had been incompatible... The Charter allows every Canadian to marry a younger or older spouse of any ethnicity, culture or religion. 

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