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Return Good Friday, Easter, and Victoria Day to the list of National Holidays

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Good Friday, Easter and Victoria Day have for many many decades been national Canadian holidays.  Yet in the Liberal Government's "Canada 150 - Canada in Retrospect" calendar provided to all Liberal MPs to circulate to their constituents  any mention of Good Friday, Easter, or Victoria Day isTOTALLY missing - although more politically correct holidays such as Family Day, Civic Holiday, and Labour day are prominent.   Are Canadians to assume that NONE of your MPs will be taking any of these 3 days off and that we should fully expect them in their office, at their desk on those days?  Somehow I find that EXTREMELY difficult to believe.   

My family can trace its roots in Canada back at least 7 generations including those who have served in the Armed forces for this country.  In fact, my youngest brother and his wife have just retired  after EACH spending over  25 years in the RCAF including  overseas duty. Why does their 'Canadian Heritage' not count?  Why does my 'Canadian Heritage' not count?  Why does the 'Canadian Heritage' of millions of similar Canadian families NOT count - particularly given how many of them have given blood, sweat, tears, and their lives for this country?  Why has it been replaced by politically correct maudlins?  

WHY are these National Holidays missing?  Clearly the three days mentioned are not politically POPULAR with many NEW Canadians but these HOLIDAYS  are part of Canada's Heritage.  'Canada 150' should and MUST celebrate that  heritage.  Please reprint  all of your 'Canada 150' calendars, resend them  to your MPs and INSIST that these new corrected ones be distributed ASAP to ALL Canadians. 

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