International Medical Graduates (IMG) to help our health personnel in Canada

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Hello, hopefully everything is going well at your home and work place as you receive this petition. My name is Rafael Villegas, I'm an International Medical Graduate (IMG - Medical Doctor educated overseas) and living in Canada since 2015. Due to the extremely restrictive process to get the medical license in this country, myself and a lot of IMGs in Canada are not able to practice as doctors. However, we have the knowledge we've received back in our countries and are eager to help during this moment of crisis.

I'm calling all my colleagues and all my fellow Canadians to sign this petition in order to the ask health authorities to give us with the chance to help and bring some relief to doctors, nurses and health tech working in hospitals dealing with COVID-19 cases. This measures are being applied in Italy, Spain and Australia already and being considered in United States and UK.

If you agree with the above statements, please sign the petition and share it. My goal is to gather 10000 signatures to send this letter to our Prime Minister and every single authority in charge of Public Health matters either Federal, Provincial or Municipal in Canada.

Please share with any Federal, Provincial and Municipal authority in charge or with representation (MP, MPP) so this can be possible soon.

Thank you for reading, signing and sharing, now is the time to act!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home and God bless you.

Rafael Villegas

Burlington, ON