Help Stop Human Right violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir

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The dispute in Indian Occupied Kashmir has existed since 1947. India and Pakistan (two nuclear powers) have fought 4 wars over Kashmir since then. For years, Kashmiris' in Indian Occupied Kashmir have been subjected to extreme human right  violations.

The Indian parliament passed a bill on August 5th, 2019  abrogating the special rights of Kashmiris provided in the Indian constitution and effectively implemented an ethnic cleansing policy. Immediately thereafter the Indian government enforced a total 'Lockdown' in Kashmir resulting in extreme food and medical stress and severe crackdown on Human Rights.

The geopolitical uncertainty caused by India's actions will lead to extreme global tensions and has greatly heightened the risk of a possible nuclear war. Canada must play its role in diffusing this situation and also to champion the cause of human rights in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Specifically, we the Citizens and/or Residents of Canada call upon The GOVERNMENT OF CANADA and ALL PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENTS to:

+Urge India to fulfill its obligations to international human rights in Indian Occupied Kashmir;

+Urge India to restore the special rights of Kashmiris' in Indian Occupied Kashmir, that were abrogated on August 5th, 2019; and

+ Publicly recognize and assist Kashmiris', Canadians' and others working to promote and protect Human Rights for people in Indian Occupied Kashmir, as Human Right Defenders (HRDs).

Thanking you,

Rauf Kadri

Human Right Activist