Give off grid Canadians back their rights

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Three years ago, I obtained a building permit to construct a tiny house in Clark's Harbour, NS.  At the time, I said I wanted to be off the electrical grid, meaning I did not want any electricity in the house.  I was told that was not permitted and I fought for two years to be allowed to build without wiring without success.  So I had the house wired with the understanding that there would never be any electricity used in the house.  Now, I am told that I must have a final inspection done on the electrical wiring and that the house must be wired like a conventional home.  This includes lights and plugs.  I will not be using electricity and do not feel it should be forced on me by anyone including the government.  This law mandating that all new construction have electrical wiring creates financial hardship for those of us who do not have the finances to spend thousands of dollars putting in the wiring necessary (according to the building code) in our houses.  The government has no right to make the determination to force me or any other person to wire our homes.  If I am content to live without electricity and am not hurting anyone else by my choice then I should have the legal right to do so.  The government should mind it's own business and allow those of us who have chosen to live an organic, off grid lifestyle to build our homes according to our said lifestyles.