Eliminate or Decrease Confederation Bridge Toll

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Every time an Island resident must cross the bridge, we have to pay 47.75. It adds up quickly, especially with residents needing medical care not available on Prince Edward Island or having family members that live elsewhere. Every time an off Islander wants to visit our beautiful province and support our local economy, they have to pay the same 47.75 to return home. With the large amount of tourists and regular travel across the bridge each year, it is not a necessity for us to pay nearly 50 dollars every time we wish to cross the bridge. This increasing toll has been paid unwaveringly for over 20 years while every other province is able to travel the Trans-Canada Highway with no fees other than the infrequent highway toll. Prince Edward Island does not have that luxury even though the Confederation Bridge is part of the Trans-Canada. There is no fee to cross into Nova Scotia from New Brunswick, or even Canada to the United States. There is no fee to cross the new billion dollar Champlain Bridge in Montreal. As fellow Canadians, we deserve the same respect and treatment. It's understood that there are maintenance fees and employees to pay, but an amount drastically less than the ever increasing 47.75 would more than suffice for such costs. The Confederation Bridge needs to be affordable for both Islanders and visitors, the cost of living is steadily going up but wages are not on par. Bridge costs need to be eliminated, or at the very least, discounted a significant amount. There needs to be a change.