Complete social Quarantine

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Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry,

      We, nurses in British Columbia, are asking for your help. We would like your help to keep us safe. Our families safe. Our community safe. Our beloved coworkers and all auxiliary and support staff that are on the front lines. We are asking YOU to lockdown our communities entirely, and leave only essential services. No more social isolation, we want the extreme, we want quarantine for everyone. 

     We know you are concerned, and we know you are working incredibly hard to help Our country and province through this pandemic. However, with the numbers of Covid cases rising steadily in our communities, we are extremely concerned that the public is not heeding your recommendations of social distancing. We see them socializing in close groups on our drive to and from work. We see them on social media having block parties and dinner parties and friend dates. Do you see it too? We are working hard not only at work, but at home by sharing warnings and educating the public on these recommendations and the repercussions of their actions. We were hopeful that if they wouldn’t heed the recommendations of the government, perhaps they would listen to their family, friend, neighbor, or gym partner. Unfortunately, we have given the public a chance to show us they understand, and they have proven that they do not.

      So please, as front line workers, we are begging you to go to the extreme. Now is not the time to worry about how the public feels, but what the public needs. Help us, help the public. 

 Nurses in BC