End the Liberal government's values test for job-grant funding!

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In late 2017, the Liberal government in Ottawa changed requirements for applicants to the Canada Summer Jobs program which imposed a new values test on employers that infringe on their religious and conscience rights under the Canadian Constitution. 

>>Help us reverse this decision today!<<

The form required applicants to sign an "attestation" that the job and organization's core mandate respect certain "values'" as outlined in the document.

Representatives from across Canada's different faith communities have spoken out against the attestation, including the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, the Rabbinical Council of America, the Canadian Council of Imams, the Christian Legal Fellowship, the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, the Catholic Women's League of Canada and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. Now, many businesses and employers who are uncomfortable signing the attestation as written are being denied funding that has traditionally provided assistance in implementing many community-based programs across Canada every summer.

The Mustard Seed is a charity that helps Albertans recover from homelessness and addictions. Under the Liberal government's plan, they are now ineligible funding to improve services to those most in need. That's not right.

While a move to block these changes in the House of Commons was recently voted down, there's still a lot YOU can do to make a difference!

First, sign this petition today to show that you believe the government has no place in telling individuals what personal beliefs they are allowed to hold. We have to keep the pressure up!

Second, write to: your MP, Employment Minister Patty Hajdu, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demanding these draconian provisions be reversed!

And finally, commit to voting in the next election for a candidate committed to reversing these heavy-handed changes to the Canada Summer Jobs program!

Those three easy steps will make a small but important difference so we can restore basic freedoms and remove this new values test on Canadians!


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