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A Petition to Declare an Opioid Overdose Public Health Emergency across Canada.
Simcoe County Moms who have lost a daughter or son to opioid overdose, or have a loved one at risk, have launched this campaign to raise your awareness and save lives.

To Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Members of the House of Commons:

Between January 2016 to December 31st 2019 (with numbers climbing rapidly during Covid 19) 15,393 young Canadians died of opioid overdoses. In over 70% of these overdoses, toxic Fentanyl or Carfentanil were mixed with other drugs without the knowledge of the victims who died.

Simcoe County community members have lost children, grandchildren, spouses, parents, and friends forever. We will never see them or hug them again.

We are on a march against time. We can no longer downplay the impact on our community. Future generations – our children and grandchildren – are at risk.

We urge all politicians and senior decision-makers to take immediate action to declare a Canada-wide Public Health Emergency to stop the damage this epidemic of overdose deaths is wreaking on our youth and on our society.

As a concerned member of the Simcoe County community, I join with affected Simcoe County Moms and families to support this petition to urge the Government of Canada to immediately declare a NATIONAL PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY and release significant human and financial resources to fight the Opioid Overdose Epidemic that has already taken the lives of over 15,393 Canadians.