As a father who lost his son to illicit drug poisoning, that caused by current public policy that criminalizes people suffering from inadequately diagnosed and treated mental health issues, where substance use disorder is but one. Where our society has systemic bias against people suffering from mental health issues, that this class of Canadians don't deserve that same level of help as we provide for other health concerns, that the Federalgovernment would like us to believe we can only continue to wring our hands and accept the high and increasing level of harm and deaths caused by mental health issues like problematic substance use combined with illicit drug toxicity caused by prohibition and criminalization, responding to heath concerns with Police enforcement. Here we could compare all levels of government response to COVID-19. Were BC is the only province to be honest enough to declare a public emergency due the level of harm and deaths caused by drug poisoning.

Glenn Mahoney, Victoria, Canada
10 months ago
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