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Set Aside a Women's Homeland in Iceland

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Dear Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir,

We, women the of world, are inspired and hopeful as we watch the developments that have been made and continue to be made for women in Iceland. We are impressed with your efforts to ban pornography and feel that Iceland is the best country for women to live in. .

We look on from our local countries with no safe harbor to turn to. We come from diverse lands, all dominated by oppressive patriarchal culture. We struggle in our countries of origin, often in vain, for liberation and justice. There is nowhere for us to go, no safe place where we will not be subject to oppressive regimes that rule over us.

We petition you to ask that you might establish a Women's Homeland in Iceland that is a free, safe space for female refugees and women from all over the world. We promise to tend the land and plant food which is free for all to take. We promise to explore and use alternative energy. We would govern ourselves, within our community, and not disturb the peace of your nation.

Please provide a safe space for women in your country.

With love,

Women of the World

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