Stop privatization of Indian Airports

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The cabinet has taken decision to privatise 6 Indian Airports inspite of the facts that the Airports Authority of India within its resources has developed and modernizing the Airports. Modernization and development is the continuous process. The Government of India instead of allowing AAI to borrow funds in the form of bonds or equity pushing the National assets to the hands of private operators. The process will not only create exploitation of passengers but also caused exploitation of employees employed by the private operators. The Government should stop privatization and make necessary amendments in AAI Act allowing it to generate resources through bonds and equity for further development and modernization of Indian Airports. The Government of India and state Government should also compensate AAI for those Airports which are opened on the demands of local members of parliament/ State Government and running in loss.

Through this petition I am requesting the Government of India to have a relook on its decision and withdraw the process of privatization of Indian Airports as it is neither in the interest of Nation nor in the interest of industry.

 The Government of India should allow more autonomy to AAI and authorise it to raise funds in in the form of bonds or equity for the modernization of Airports. The Government of India can allow AAI to raise funds by making necessary amendments in AAI Act. The employees of AAI are fully competent to execute the development works.