Strict laws against Animal Cruelty in Pakistan

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Despite Pakistan being a Muslim country, one important aspect of Islam and humanity that is ignored by the government of Pakistan is the ethical treatment of animals.

Let us not forget that as the most intelligent species on Earth, one of our responsibilties is to give a voice to the voiceless animals who cannot convey their suffering. 

This petition is to bring the poor treatment of animals to the attention of the authorities so that an examplary state can be made out of Pakistan, one where both humans and animals can live in harmony. 

Horrendous treatment of animals in Pakistan includes but is not limited to:

*Dog culling. Stray dogs shot dead instead of being neuterized. Including puppies and pregnant dogs. Authorities should be appointed to ensure ethical means of controlling the population of the stray dogs such as spaying and neuturing. 

*Animal abuse during  protests and for political purposes, such as the recent examples of a dog and a donkey being mercilessly killed in the name of political support. Authorities should be appointed to ensure that such abuse is discouraged and dealt with in the strictest manner. 

*Dyeing pet chicks to attract children by using cloth dye and inhumane methods which causes blindness even death in the chicks. Not only such practice of dyeing should be banned but awareness should also be spread in relation to this atrocity. 

*Enclosing pet fish in small plastic bags with dangerous coloured water which causes death of the fish. Standards of humane treatment should be set for such sellers. 

*Keeping of animals in poor conditions in pet shops. The animals are not only neglected but also are refused treatment in case of illness and injuries. Strict monitering and Standards of humane treatment should be set for such pet shops. 

* Abuse by owners of donkey carts, horse carts and bull carts including but nit limited to heavy loading and beating. The animal driven carts, which are a grave sign of poverty in Pakistan, should cease to exise and should be replaced by automobiles by the government while these animals are taken to a safe sanctuary. Authorities should be appointed to ensure the aforementioned. 

* Animals such as horses, monkeys and goats etc, exploited for entertainment. Birds captured for charity purposes'.  Correct means of earning should be created for such indivuduals. Authorities should be appointed to ensure the aforementioned. 

*Animal testing. This outdated method should be banned across the country whether as a part of biotechnology, scientific experiments or product development as not only is it unethical but also scientically unreliable, unsafe and against the teaching of Islam. Cruelty free methods which are more accurate and cheaper should be adopted instead. Authorities should be appointed to ensure the aforementioned. 

*Hunting as a sport should be banned. Murdering for entertainment or for a sport is simply unethical, inhumane and cannot be justified Islamically or otherwise. Authorities should be appointed to ensure the aforementioned. 

* Abusive and barbaric sports such as Dog fighting and Cock fighting. These should be wiped out all together. Authorities should be appointed to ensure the aforementioned. 

*Abuse within the farm industry, including but not limited to the dairy industry and poultry industry. Ethical treatment of all animals in the farm industry should be ensured by authorities and strictly regulated.

*Careless treatment of animals in zoos and safaris. Authorities should be appointed to regulate zoos and strict action should be taken against those who fail to comply. Ideally such entertainmen

*Animal abuse for entertainment, such as seen in viral videos. Unfortunately it is not carried out by adults but by children as well which displays how such sadistic behaviour trickles down. 

*Beastility. Sexual abuse against animals, like any other form of sexual abuse is an alarming indication of the diseased mind-set of the offender. 

* Animals hit by cars and left to die. Laws holding the driver accountable for such hit and run cases should be brought into action commanding the drivers to provide medical care for the animal otherwise face severe consequences. 

We urge the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and the Parliament of Pakistan to recognize these issues, to educate the citizens of Pakistan about animal abuse in its various forms, to discourage it, to form strict laws ensuring the welfare of these innocent creatures and that offenders and abusers be dealt with in the strictest manner.