Relief in Payment of Private School Fee During Corona Epidemic

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Pakistan has been hit by the global coronac crisis and the situation is worsening day by day. Thousands of people have been affected, schools closed, markets shut, jobs lost, layoffs common and a situation of calamity prevails.  Economic future of millions of people is uncertain not knowing how will they pay for next month food, rent and utilities.

The government has been quick to respond to the crisis by offering relief, debt moratorium, concessions in utility bills, free food and medical facilities to ease the crisis for common people.

During the period of severe national crisis, Private  Education Institutions are forcing  parents of students to pay up full fee  while treating the shut down  period as part of summer vacations. Government ministers are supporting this inhumane demand by announcing policies in support of private school owners. 

The Honourable Prime Minister Imran Khan is requested to urgently look into the matter and announce a waiver of three months on payment of fee demanded by private schools to bring relief to the struggling parents all over the country and identify the members of his team who are conniving with private school owners to make anti parents policies favouring the school owners