Hang The Lahore Motorway Rapists Publicly

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On 9/9/20 On Lahore motorway, a women got raped in front of her 2 children by 2 inhumane monsters and robbed her. Just because she ran out of fuel in her vehicle and the bastards took advantage of that situation. The police were called but they were no help. If they can't do anything, then we must take the law into our own hands. We, demand those animals get hung publicly. Not only these animals, but anyone who tries to do this inhumane thing with women and children. She was not the only victim of rape. There are 100's of more cases, 100's of more women and children who were subject of abuse just because they were born into this cruel world. I want you to make this petition reach its goal and those bastards along with the others who do these kinds of acts hang publicly in front of the world to see. We will bring change. We will get justice.