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Refugees in Canada should work and contribute to country prosperity.

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Today Canada accepting more than 50000 refugees every year. And with that Canadians show how kind they are and that they have deep understanding of these people's situation. That is really great. I have immigrated to Canada few years ago and I know how hard it is for families to leave their homes and find new place to settle. However, during the last few month there are a great deal of discussions concerning refugees. I'm 100% agree that government should help them to adapt in new place and should support them for a while. However, there are some % of refugees who don't have desire to work or assimilate in Canada. They prefer not to work and not adapt to new circumstances and environment. I would like to ask government to control this situation and if after a year of support by government refugee don't wanna work let him make his life by himself. 

They should contribute to prosperity of our Canada as we do working 250 hours in a month. Canada did all for their adaptation and success and now they should make afford to build their future by themselves. I know how hard is that but I know it is possible because I did it and my friends who immigrated did that as well. 


Thank you to all who think same way.

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