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There are some that might believe this petition is a waste of time.....but should we just accept Harpers corruption and greed. Should we just let him get away with everything he has done to this country. Can we just sit back and accept it. I know I can't....I can't just sit back and let him destroy everything that we've worked so hard for and I know you can't either. Please sign this petition because there are millions of reasons why signing this petition is saving our valuable land, future and our lives. We owe it to each other to fight together.

1. Because we are sick of paying taxes so his party can use them to live like kings.

2. For the future of this planet

3. For all the hard work you put into this beautiful country

4. So governments stop believing that they can get away with anything and everything

5. To stop the killings of our young soldiers dying in an unjust war.

6. To stop Harper from completely robbing us blind

7. For Harper to stop underestimating our intelligence

8. So Harper knows that we mean business

9. So Harper knows that we will not give up the fight for our rights

10. So Harper knows that he is truly hurting Canadians

11. Because we are suffering and he is playing the cards

12. Because we love this land and everything about it and we don't want to lose it.

13. So we can be proud Canadians like we use to be

14. To prove to Harper that we are united & will not be divided

15. because our waters are our necessities not our assets

16. Because we are all different and we should be treated like equals

17. Because we don't care if Americans are targeted because of their stupidity or their conspiracies.....we care about us!!!

18. For our future & our families future

19. To stop the hate that he is spreading

20. Because we are humans and we want someone who has compassion

21. because we want a government that knows the definition of democracy and not the definition of treason.

And the list can go on forever, please think about the future of Canada and how it might cease to exist if he continues to be in power.

One click and we will be one step closer to getting this incompetent human out of office. Please sign petition and share with your friends, its crucial we stop him. He has dishonored Canadians long enough, its time for a change. We can make it happen. 

Do you want a government that cares for the rich and robs the poor? Do you want a government that looks to his allies before he looks to his country? Stephen Harper is leading Canada into the dark side. We deserve a government who cares about us, our future, our kids future and most of all a government we can trust. We need a government that does not put his allies before the great citizens of Canada. We come first, our needs need to be fulfilled, especially because we have people struggling to live while he spends our tax dollars on weapons, wars and his hockey season passes. We need a government that will step in and help when the less fortunate are in need. WE Canadians deserve to feel safe in our own country unfortunately Mr. Harper priorities are everything but trying to make Canada a better place.


Letter to
Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest Stephen Harper
The Right Honourable Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada Stephen Harper
Stephen Harper,
As you are well aware Canadians want a change and that change begins with a new Prime Minister, we want your resignation.
We have been patient, supportive, trusting and forgiving. You have been apathetic, narcissistic, treacherous and have abandoned every single Canadian value that we cherish. WE truly believe that we have over accommodated your presence and we have been nothing but exemplary citizens.
Due to the fact you broke every value that we cherish, and robbed us blind, we have no more time to waste. We want you out before you cease everything that we value. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the deception and extortion as you deprive us of a normal life. We can no longer watch you make deals with the devil as you have so proudly demonstrated time and time again. It's really too bad that nobody warned you about making friends with the enemy as it only leads to your self destruction.We value our soul and now our main goal is to free you of your obligation to this country.

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