#HOUSINGEMERGENCY #Homelessness can only get worse No national or local gov plan to end it

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The bedroom tax and other housing benefit cuts have caused havoc, hunger, ill health & homelessness in the lives of renters - and street deaths - including 726 in 2018..

84,740 families are already in temporary accommodation with their 126,020 children up 77% since 2010, some have been homeless for up to or over ten years.  Of the 634,435 empty properties in England, 216,186 were classed as long-term empty for longer than six months.

There are no solutions to rising homelessness at national or local government level.

Low income renters are powerless & humiliated when landords evict parents and children onto the street with their suitcases.The bailiff changes the locks of a property because the landlord defaulted on the mortgage or the tenant's income was too low and the large increases in rents too high.

Taxpayers Against Poverty's Elimination of Homelessness Bill has been sent to the Prime Minister. It suggests quantatitive easing to buy empty property for truly affordable permanent homes for homeless UK citizens. The Secretary of State shall each year publish a Social Housing Plan setting out how the needs of homeless people in England and Wales will be met.