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Save Shyamal Kanti Bhakta and Stand for Humanity.

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Shyamal Kanti Bhakta, a simple school teacher of a remote town in Bangladesh, is facing complicated and unendurable sufferings due to his stand against unlawful acts.

Mr. Bhakta is the face of everyday victims enduring incessant pressure and humiliation from so-called Local Godfather as well as the corrupted system, which support these atrocities. He dedicated his life to building human and teach our children to build their future.  

A few years back, Mr. Bhakta decided to stand against the unlawful act of a Local Godfather and their descenders. That started a chain of events and as a part of the retaliation process, the Local Godfather and his descenders plotted a public humiliation based on some unreasonable and invalid grounds.

13th May 2016, a dark sad day, when an educator was assaulted in front of a crowd through various inhuman and barbaric acts. The Godfather, who is also a Local MP, directly led the crowd and ordered all barbaric acts. Mr. Bhakta was hanging on to his dear life and thinking the safety of his own family. With disbelief and shock, Mr. Bhakta quietly followed every command on the day.

But, it didn’t satisfy or stop them there. The very next day Mr. Bhakta had been forcibly removed from his School Head position with a signed letter from school’s managing body president, who was on leave at the time of authorizing suspension.

Mr. Bhakta fought back, despite living and facing imminent danger and enormous pressure from Godfather. A local newspaper published the news and it’s gone viral. Public stood beside him to protest these heinous acts. All conspirators retreated and got back into their rathole only to plot a further attack. And because of mounting public pressure and based on the evidence, the court dismissed all charges and reinstated Mr. Bhakta back to his position. Despite suffering from various medical conditions as a direct impact of the incident, he continued his life quietly. All his wish was to leave everything behind and move on to live a simple life with honor and dignity.

Nevertheless, behind the curtain of conspiracy the egoistic Godfather and his descenders never stopped plotting and it started all over again. A year later, during early 2017, to add to his existing physical and mental agony, he has been charged with a false allegation of bribery and corruption. To everyone’s surprise, the charge didn’t even have any valid ground, it was a simple complaint which only had vague circumstantial evidence. But for unforeseen reasons, the country’s highest lawmakers kept themselves quiet and the judicial process decided to put him behind the bar. While many serious offenders (like rapists, murderers, war criminals, financial fraudsters) are roaming free, Mr. Bhakta, a simple school principal, was considered as an impending threat to the community and not suitable to be released on bail. Seriously!!!!!!.

A broken and shattered Bhakta was seen on the verdict day dragged by law enforcers. Many of us can envisage the fate that is waiting for him behind the bar. Every day passing by, the chance of his survival and to lead a normal life is diminishing. The family of Mr. Bhakta is fearing for his well-being and life. Besides, the continuous pattern of attacks is a clear indication, it will not stop and eventually destroy Mr. Bhakta and his family. A huge price for an uncivilized egoistic Godfather’s demand. Also, we should all remember, maybe today it’s Bhakta’s turn but tomorrow, it can be YOU or ME or US.

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The petition is to reflect Mr. Bhakta’s agony and request support from the believers of humanity. This is to support Mr. Bhakta’s release, draw attention and consider this matter seriously plus immediately by the countries higher authorities / Government. We have already lost many valuable lives within this corrupted system and above all humanity. Your simple act of signing this petition can bring justice for a simple school teacher Bhakta and his family as well as can seed the plant of trust within the community to believe humanity will prevail one day.

And to Shyamal Kanti Bhakta, #Sorrysir#

Thanking you All.

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