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Prime Minister Gillard & the Australian Labor Party: Don't break the aid promise again

I'm a 25 year old young professional who recently became an official Labor Party member for the first time.

Along with many other Labor supporters, I've been more excited about the Federal Government's agenda in recent months than I have for a long time - the landmark NDIS reforms, the Gonski reforms to education funding, the Prime Minister's misogyny speech, among other things.

However the Government's decision to cut aid, especially the plan to pay foreign aid to ourselves to cover asylum seeker costs, just leaves me cold. It's unjust and completely lacking in integrity.

Australia is one of the world's wealthiest countries, and yet we've consistently been in the bottom half of aid contributors among the OECD nations. Keeping our aid promise wouldn't be doing anything special - it would just be doing our fair share, the minimum required to be a responsible global citizen.

Together, Labor supporters can change this, We're the people the Party will rely in 2013 to help win re-election - letterboxing, handing out how-to-vote cards, persuading our friends to vote Labor. If enough of us show the Prime Minister and the ALP National Office how disappointed we are, we can get them to reconsider. 

Letter to
Prime Minister Gillard
ALP National Secretary George Wright
The Government's decision to divert much needed aid to pay for asylum seeker processing costs is unjust and completely lacking in integrity. In doing so, Labor is breaking the aid promise it first made in 2007 and has reaffirmed repeatedly, including at the 2010 election and in the ALP National Platform.

As Labor members and supporters, we are calling on you to do the right thing and change this decision.

Next year, you'll be asking us, people who believe in fairness and equal opportunity for all, to help you win re-election. This decision does not speak to our values and leaves a sour taste in our mouths.

Do the right thing, the fair thing, or we won't be particularly inspired to support you next year.