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Fly ash brick contributes many a times than solar conserving coal and abating emissions.

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While promoting solar power is a welcome activity, if the target is to save coal and abate emissions, there is much lucrative activity for the government and country to pursue in fly ash brick based on FaL-G technology, with multifold results as already been proved.

The computation done by INSWAREB proved that the coal conservation and emission abatement to be achieved by 175 GW of solar power, targeted by GOI by 2022, is already being achieved by each 220 fly ash brick plants in addition to conserving top soil and using industrial byproduct ie., fly ash, lime and stone dust. While 175 GW solar require Rs. 55 billion of investment, 220 fly ash brick plants require merely 0.44 billions. With 18,000 operating plants in India the contribution by fly ash brick is already 81 times than what solar would achieve upon accomplishing the dream of 175 GW supposedly by 2022.

Based on 300 mn. tons of fly ash that India generates by 2020, there is potential for 100,000 fly ash brick plants in India that can maximize this impact by 454 times. There is investment potential for Rs. 450 billions to promote 82,000 more plants which can give economic spin off by Rs. 25,000 billions/year.

In the background of such massive logistics, is it not judicious on the part of GOI to pay more attention for the proliferation of fly ash brick plants as against the efforts put in for Solar power!  While there is a dedicated Ministry  to promote solar power, is it not wise to install at least a dedicated department to promote fly ash brick that offers 454 times of contribution to Ecology, Environment, Economy and more importantly Empowerment against solar. While judiciary and government desire that the eco-hostile clay brick activity should be phased out, is it not judicious to train all the entrepreneurs of clay brick activity with FaL-G technology in order to encourage them for the production of fly ash bricks? Thus the livelihood of clay brick manufacturers is protected allowing them to continue in brick business facilitating smooth transition from clay to fly ash, associated with relief on various other relevant social issues.

Our appeal to Union Government is to launch a 'National Action Plan' for the promotion of fly ash bricks, giving assurance of full supply of fly ash, fiscal reliefs on duties and taxes. INSWAREB, whose founder directors have invented, patented but dedicated their technology to the Nation in the interest of unabated proliferation, offers to support the government with technology and strategies. 

If the Hon'ble PM, who has spearheaded movements like Swatch Bharat, realizes the magnificent socio-enviro-economic impact of this appeal, then only this massive movement would gain momentum. That is why this appeal starts right from HIM. 

Please look at for more information on the computations and other information.  

Best regards: Dr N Bhanumathidas and N Kalidas (founder Directors of INSWAREB-the unique NGO in techno-scientific research)



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