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Reduce GST rate on essential industrial consumables...

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All industrial consumables like oil, grease, cleaning agents, cotton waste, gland packings, Mechanical Seals of pumps/mixers...which are mistakenly considered as luxury items and charged with highest GST rates.

To give an example...Mechanical seals used in all industries like petroleum, chemical, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, fertilizers etc, which are essential to stop leakages from equipments like pumps, mixers were earlier charged with VAT 13.5% here in Maharashtra. Now the same comodity is being charged with 28% GST (14% CGST + 14% SGST). Due to hike in this consumable comodity tax rate, all companies industrial products are costing on higher side due to increase in consumables Tax rates.

To avoid paying High GST on consumables, companies/industries are using them less and/or running equipments without using cleaning agents, without oiling/greasing, without changing leaked seals, which is harming environment and creating pollution due to acidic, hazardous, toxic leaks through production equipments...into atmosphere.

All industrial workers are affected by direct / indirect contact with these leaking equipments hazardous acids, liquids, gases and having health issues and desease problems.

If the TAX rates for these consumables are lowered to what they were paying earlier, Industries can afford them. This will reduce cost for producing goods they manufacture and will also reduce products selling prices. Industries willingly buy and use them to prevent hazardous leaks from production equipments and save others from dangers of health hazards, environment pollution.

I hereby request all Tax governing authorities to look into this and adopt concessional GST rates for these consumables which are essential for Industrial productions as well as envionment protection.

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